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In this 2nd edition of Becoming the Best Me, we added 3 new career and character essentials based on employer feedback. This book helps develop character education and life skills as related to careers, i.e. what character traits are companies looking for. It is based on research surveys spanning over 1,000 employers and direct quotes by recruiters from 9 large companies. It incorporates key character education traits such as: respect, responsibility, honesty, hard working, teamwork, leadership, citizenship, and communication.

Key Features

* Helps readers develop good character traits and life skills

* Fun and engaging writing style

* Real-world focus based on research spanning over 1,000 employers nationwide

* Includes quotes and advice from key recruiters from 9 top companies

* Employer checklists (which character traits companies look for in employees)

* Incorporates key character education such as: respect, responsibility, honesty, hard-working, teamwork, leadership, and communication

There is also an Instructor's Manual that accompanies the Becoming the Best Me book.

The Instructor's Manual contains six primary instructional concepts and several other techniques and exercises that will facilitate the implementation of the 10 Career & Character Education Essentials featured in the Becoming the Best Me workbook.

It also includes tips for educators and counselors, including ideas for discussion, additional exercises, classroom presentation slides, advice, reproducible worksheets, solutions to workbook exercises, and a final exam.

Becoming the Best Me 2nd Edition