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The Character Development Scale book is a 48-item inventory designed to measure a student's commitment to six basic character traits:

Kindness Integrity Citizenship Determination Responsibility Respect

Based in part on the "Six Pillars of Character," these traits are seen as cornerstones of good character and necessary for social progress - regardless of one's religious beliefs or cultural background. The CDS provides students in middle school and up the opportunity to explore their character development by rating how well actions and attributes tied to these six traits apply to them.

The CDS is color-coded, easy to use, takes less than 15 minutes to complete and score. It is especially valuable in a classroom setting. Once a profile is created, test-takers are presented with strategies and exercises to help them improve their character, plus they are offered additional resources for further exploration. The assessment is designed not only to make individuals more aware of their personal values and the strength of their character, but also to help them make a concentrated effort to improve themselves and the world around them.

Character Development Scale