Dulin Clark, Ph. D.

Dr. Dulin Clark is a Lead Consultant for JAZ Consulting, specializing in the Business and Higher Education Industries. Dulin earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Pennsylvania State University in 1999 and became licensed as a psychologist in 2000. His work history has included working within the university environment as a student psychologist and career counselor and in the consulting environment as a career consultant with two major outplacement firms. Dr. Clark has held professional positions at University of Delaware, North Carolina State University, University of Pittsburgh, and most recently at Penn State University. Currently, Dr. Clark maintains a professional consulting practice near Altoona Pennsylvania. His past consulting roles have been with two national level career management firms, Right Management Consultants and Mainstream Access Inc., where he was a career consultant to several Fortune 500 companies. Dulin has worked with clients in multiple industries including financial services, computer hardware, pharmaceuticals, electrical products, telecommunications, higher education, and utilities. He is a versatile consultant in applying psychological principles toward the improvement of employee communications and interpersonal skills. . In the Spring of 2007, Dr. Clark co-created and delivered career enrichment seminars to Penn State employees at various campus locations across Pennsylvania. Currently, he co-authored a book, The PITA Principle: How to work with and avoid becoming a Pain In The Ass, to be published by JIST Publishing in the Summer of 2008.