Books Authored by Bob Orndorff

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In this exciting new workbook, elementary students read about Dez the Dawg, who meets 12 different people downtown and explores the 12 job families through engaging narratives and appealing illustrations. My Career Adventure: Careers Are Everywhere is arranged into three sections filled with fun activities to introduce children to career concepts while promoting character development and academic growth.

Activities to inspire and educate children include:

•Career vocabulary builder: Word searches, word jumbles, and crossword puzzles are used to familiarize students with career vocabulary.

•Career and character scenarios: Students write and reflect about 10 career and character essential traits to tie career success with strong character and examine consequences of behavior.

•Academic skill study: Students explore 12 school essentials that are necessary for career success and match examples of the essentials to the workplace.

The authors of My Career Adventure: Careers Are Everywhere seamlessly integrate career exploration, character education, and academic preparation into one book, introducing elementary students to concepts important in their future work and personal lives.

My Career Adventure: cAREERS are Everywhere