Books Authored by Bob Orndorff

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Straight talk from Americas top hiring managers and recruiters about how to succeed in any job market. The authors asked top HR, staffing, and recruitment professionals, along with the managers who make the hiring decisions at the most sought-after companies, to tell them what makes a job candidate stand out to them. Their responses are woven into seven "how-to" chapters that each focus on a different aspect of job search. This book compiles the diverse opinions of many people to "humanize and simplify the concept of job search."

Key Features:

*The only book on the market that focuses specifically on the advice of hiring managers and HR executives—the people whose opinions really count when it comes to getting hired!

*Quantified results from a uniform survey of interviewees give hard numbers to back up opinions about the best strategies for getting hired fast

*Advice for planning your own job search strategy

*"In This Chapter" boxes at the beginning of each chapter summarize the main points of each experts advice

The Unofficial Guide to Finding the perfect Job